About US

MoochicBaby is a line of children's bedding and nightwear started by friends Aneesa and Yuva. After having their own children, the pair were uninspired by the products on the market as well as the price tag that went along with them. This prompted them to leave their city careers to create an alternative that is unique, affordable and timeless.

Each item in the collection is handcrafted in India using a centuries old craft called hand block printing. In this process, a design is carved on to a teak block and a separate block is required for each distinct colour in the design. The printer applies colour to the block and presses it firmly and steadily by hand on the cloth repeatedly until the length of cloth is fully printed. The variations in colour and print are natural to the process and give the collection a 'made with love' and almost vintage look.

MoochicBaby has revitalized this craft by designing prints that are contemporary, fun and vibrant and which are designed to capture a child's imagination. These range from the conventional pink and purple butterflies to the quirky blue and yellow tuk tuks. The range adds a dash of colour and playfulness to any nursery or child's wardrobe.